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Application for Entry and Exit Visa

Keith IP
2 Answers 19869 Views

Tourist Visa for Vietnam

Denis Tyler
3 Answers 16473 Views

Austrian in Philippines

1 Answer 19144 Views

Visa on Arrival by land from Laos

Christey West
3 Answers 21235 Views

$25 paid in a different currency

1 Answer 8404 Views

Airport collection of visa cost

Louise Symington
1 Answer 13446 Views

More than one entry and payment in sterling

Gwen Firth
2 Answers 16940 Views

Total cost to expect

2 Answers 15349 Views

Visa renewal

Alain Couderc
2 Answers 13751 Views

visa requirements

Mark Rogers
1 Answer 5570 Views

visa for us citizens flying from Phillipines

2 Answers 23621 Views

Transfer visa from old pass to new passport

Aurore Dissy
1 Answer 7491 Views

obtaining a visa

2 Answers 9323 Views

Appointment at Embassy in London

Tana Foulkes-Jones
1 Answer 19725 Views

business visa/work visa

Betty Loo
1 Answer 25000 Views

upgrade to a multi entry visa

Jessica Hanna
1 Answer 5513 Views

visa on arrival for overland arrival?

2 Answers 19146 Views

Form on Arrival

1 Answer 20710 Views

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