transit visa for Vietnam

hi Could you tell me if i need to apply for a visa for Hong Kong as we transfer to another flight onroute to vietnam but don't leave the airport. Also I was told by the travel agent when i booked my flight that we didn't need a visa for Vietnam is this true? If we do need to apply for a visa when do you suggest we do we arrive at Hoi Chi Minh on 18th October and is the visa on arrivel reliable or are we better applying via embassy in UK? Thanks Liz

Visa on Arrival with two entries

I would like to apply for a Visa on Arrival with multiple entries within 30 days. My first point of entry will be Hanoi airport where I will receive my passport stamp. My second entry will be by land/water at Tan Chau. Will the Visa on Arrival work for me ?

visa on arrival from russia

I'm Swiss citizen and my flight to Hanoi is going over Moskow. Is it also possible for me to get a visa by arrival or must I have already a visa from the embassy in Berne? Thanks for your answer Dagmar Boy

1 month or 3 month visa

We land in Ho Chi Min City January 20, 2010...we leave February 23, 2010 from HCMC. This is just a couple of days over a we pay for the 3 month visa? I plan to submit my form tomorrow. Thanks very much ellen overstall

visa on arrival from Canada

We are Canadian and there is a Vietnamese embassy in our country. Should we obtain our visa through them or can we use your service.

Visa for British citizens born in Malaysia

Hi, My aunty is holding British passport but she's born in Malaysia (yr 1938). Can she visit Vietnam without visa / visa exemption? Sorry, I'm not sure how to apply for her. Can you help and advise us. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much!

Cruise ship arrival

We are arriving in Ho Chi Minh city by cruise ship on the 29/01/2010 will we be able to collect visa`s at the port?

Visa on arrival for Bangkok to Hanoi flight

We are flying into Bangkok Thailand from the US and want to book airline reservations to Hanoi, Vietnam. I realize we can apply for a visa in Bangkok, but we arrive on a Friday and would not be able to apply until the following Monday and it would take 4 days. Question: Just to clarify, can we apply for a visa on arrival if we book a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi? Do we need to indicate the exact day we will be arriving when we apply? Thank you,

Visa for Vietnam and Cambodia

Hi, I'm British and applying for a tourist visa for Vietnam for 1 month. Will I be permitted to visit Cambodia and Laos overland from Vietnam with a standard visa or do I need a specific multiple visa? Thanks, Brad

Visa Approval for citizens of Ukraine

Would like to ask if the visa approval letter is valid for the citizens of Ukraine? Could i use the visa approval letter when applying for the Vietnam visa to the consulate of Vietnam in Ukraine. Thanking you in advance! Tanya Konstantinova