Appointment at Embassy in London

Hello, If I was to come to the embassy in London to buy my Vietnam Visa, would I need an appointment? Would the Visa be processed there and then? I will be entering Vietnam from Cambodia, Is this the best visa option for me? Many thanks Tana

obtaining a visa

im entering vietnam overland through cambodia and was wondering if its possible for me to get a visa online. if so, may you provide the correct link. if i cant get the visa online, how do i go about getting it? thank you

Transfer visa from old pass to new passport

I have a valid visa on my old passport and would like to transfer it to my new passport. I know it is possible to do. Do you provide this type of service on arrival? Can you explain me what form I have to fill in? Same as a new visa?. I have done a transfer before and it is just as a new issuance of a visa except that the cost is 10 USD. I will pay of course your fee - issuance of a visa- I am going to Vietnam on the 22/01 so I would like to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for the feedback and help,

visa on arrival for overland arrival?

Hello My partner and I will be arriving overland from Laos in the next couple of weeks, can we get a Visa when we arrive at the border? If not what are our options? Many thanks Rachel

upgrade to a multi entry visa

Hello, we have purchased from you two (single entry) visas to pick up on arrival. We would like to know if it is possible to upgrade to two (multi entry) visas. Thank you, Jessica

business visa/work visa

I need to travel to Hanoi for my work frequently for 2-3 weeks, do I a need a business visa or work visa? If I have to go there almost every month for 3 weeks, do I need to apply for visa? If yes, what kind of visa should I apply? Thanks Betty Loo

stamp fee by credit card?

Dear Myvietnamvisa, thank you for the quick and easy visa. I have one question left, can I pay may stamp fee by credit card on the airport of Hanoi? Thank you very much Jens Schweiger

Visa to be completed in Australia

Can we apply to the Vietnamese Consulate in Sydney for our visas as we did last year and have them put into our Passports before we leave Australia. Have a connecting flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City and don't have time for paperwork.

Form on Arrival

On the Form on Arrival. Section 6. Kind of Passport (Loại) Does this mean country of issue? Section 13. Done at (Làm tại) Does this mean time or location that the document was signed? Thanks you for your help

aproval letter by fax

Can I receive the aproval letter by e-mail and by fax? If yes how do I apply on your application form? I am travelling in the moment and do not know if I can find a computer which has a printer connected and also has the software installed for reading pdf format.