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Ditch the guidebooks and grab your passport. Here’s all you need to know for a trip to Hanoi, so what’re you waiting for?

1. Visa -- You can pre-arrange a visa on arrival online but you run the risk of waiting up to 90 minutes in Hanoi airport while the visa officers decide whose turn it is to do some work. Better to get it sorted before you leave, through your local embassy or travel agent.

British passport holders have two options. They can obtain a visa before arrival through the Vietnamese embassy in London.

Alternatively, and this is my preference, they can buy online an “approval letter” (from a private agency such as, which offers a very efficient service) that takes two to three days (£12). You must print out the approval letter, which is required to board the plane in the UK and also to obtain your visa on arrival (one passport photo is also required and £27). There are no required vaccinations.

While a business visa can be for travel or for exploring business opportunities. You're not allowed to work on a business visa.

Visitors to Vietnam can apply for a tourist or business visa. Those with a work contract can also apply for a work visa. However, applying for a work visa from outside Vietnam is complicated and required lots of paperwork. Many people who go to Vietnam to work as English teachers or to search for a job apply for a tourist or business visa and then switch to a work visa from within the country. Regulations for visas to Vietnam change frequently. Six-month visas are sometimes available, while they're cancelled temporarily at other times. One and three-month visas are always available.

"Visas are required for American visitors — a one-month, single-entry visa is $20 through My Vietnam Visa (, an online agency that arranges for documents to be picked up upon arrival at Vietnam’s international airports, where an additional $25 “stamping fee” must be paid" read more

Publication: The New York Times

"Alternatively, and this is my preference, they can buy online an “approval letter” (from a private agency such as, which offers a very efficient service) that takes two to three days (£12)." read more

Publication: The Telegraph

Visa -- You can pre-arrange a visa on arrival online but you run the risk of waiting up to 90 minutes in Hanoi airport while the visa officers decide whose turn it is to do some work. Better to get it sorted before you leave, through your local embassy or travel agent." read more

Publication: CNN TRAVEL

"The easiest way to apply is through The cost is $25 for a one-month, single-entry visa. The online site arranges for your documents to be waiting for you at the Hanoi airport , where an additional $25 stamping fee is required." read more

Publication: The Los Angeles Times

"Authorisation letters for visas on arrival can be obtained from for £12.29, plus a US$25 (£16.70) stamping fee on arrival. read more

Publication: The Independent

"Letters are available in two ways. If you obtain your visa through the Internet, using a visa service, you will receive a letter via email, rather than an actual visa stamp." read more

Publication: USA TODAY

“Another option for Americans is a single-entry visa on arrival, apply online and pay another stamping fee at the airport." read more


"The city is within easy reach of Dubai (about an eight-hour flight), with the added bonus of the quite brilliant allowing visitors to collect their visas on arrival. read more

Publication: TimeOut Dubai

"It's a reputable company that has been used successfully by a number of people on this forum."read more

"I've used the above company 4 times without any problems, plenty of other VOA agents to choose from though." read more

Publication: TripAdvisor

Apply online at www.myvietnamvisa. Carry the confirmation letter and the visa is stamped on arrival. $25 per person. read more

Publication: The Times of India

"Just returned from Vietnam and used to get a visa on arrival. It was quick, easy, and I had no problems when entering at SGN. It's legit; the New York Times even had an article on it. read more

Publication: FlyerTalk

"I used a company called - $19.99 for the letter (1 month single entry) & then I paid $25 at the airport. The letter fee varies depending on type/length of visa & whether you want standard or, express service." read more

Publication: ThaiVisa

"I've used myvietnamvisa 3 times now with no issues. Very fast service." read more


Message from: Paula Graham , United Kingdom

Thank you very much for your help and a very efficient service. Kind regards, Paula Graham

Message from: Geert Van De Ven , Belgium

Good Afternoon,

I have well received your message and all information. Thank you very much for the very good and efficient service. Have a nice day and till next time,


TDG Enterprise Pte Ltd

Geert Van De Ven

Message from: Bruce L Roby , United States

Thank you for all your assistance. This was a quick and painless process! I will be sure to recommend you to my clients.

Regards, Bruce L Roby

Corporate Travel Specialist  at GSGRA - Treasurer

Message from: James Murphy.Dublin ,Ireland

Dear Sir,

I feel I must tell you that the service you provide at is wonderfully efficent and courteous You may use this unsolicited compliment in any way you chose.

James Murphy.Dublin ,Ireland

Message from: Claire Peake (UK)

Hi Mr. Tony,

I have successfully received my visa letter and am now on my way! I can not thank you enough for your help. You have been wonderful!

Claire Peake (UK)

Message from: Penny Heinermann, Germany

Dear Mr. Tony, Thank you for your prompt attention. We have collected both letters and shall fill them out prior to arriving in Vietnam, which should be helpful for a quick start to our holidays. Thank you, yours truly, Penny Heinermann

Message from: Arij de Haan, Netherlands

Thanks for your service. I'm impressed by its speed and the punctuality.

Message from: Simon Sharp (UK)

Dear Mr Steve Tran,

Thank you for the efficient processing of my visa application. This is truly one of the most reliable services that I have encountered and has made the process of applying for a visa simple. I will certainly apply with your company again next time I go to Vietnam.

Best regards,


Message from: Brent William Durrant (Australia)

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for all your help and promptness in attending to our urgent Visa application.

The customer service of both you, and your company is nothing short of excellent. We will be coming to Vietnam again in the future and will certainly be contacting you regarding our travel arrangements.

Thank you again.


Brent and Debra

Message from: Dr Alex KUTLACA (Australia)

Xin chao, Steve.

Hmmm, not so sure that my Vietnamese is very good at all, Steve. But, cam on for telling me that it is better than nothing at all. Ha Ha Ha. I am VERY glad that business is opening up for you Steve. Good luck.

And Steve, it is always very hard for a person in another country to know how to organise a visa in a new country, especially if their is a language barrier. That is why, last year, it was SO EASY with you. Your English was so very professional, and you were so willing to assist. That is always an important aspect of your business.

Now that I know, I would never think about going anywhere else. For example, after my colleague and I had organised our visas with you, Steve, in the two weeks before we left for Vietnam, we did not meet anybody who had purchased visas in this fashion (I had asked on internet forums and people who had travelled just to see if it would work out), so we really did not know what to expect.

Nobody knew that it would work. And when we landed at Ho Chi Minh, the Immigration people were SO FRIENDLY. I think the concern for first customers would always be concern that it would work out OK. I have spread your business name to various other people who wish to travel to Vietnam, telling them that your company was very efficient at sorting visas out on-line.

I can only wish you well.

Best Regards


Message from: Shoshana Germanow (US)

Hello, Mr. Steve Tran,

Thank you very much for your assistance in securing our approval letter. We're so looking forward to our visit in Vietnam. We would be pleased to recommend your service to others.

Do you arrange hotel and travel arrangements within Vietnam? If so, please send a link.


Shoshana Germanow

Message from: Brian Tran (United States) -


You're the best. I got nothing but good things to say about you and your company. I will pass this information along to all of my friends and colleagues so that they will use your service in the future when coming to VN.


Brian Tran

Message from: Patricia Hutchinson (United Kingdom)

Dear Steve

Thank you for the approval letter which we received this morning. The proceedure so far has been excellent. I hope to have a wonderful holiday in your country.


Patricia Hutchinson

Message from: Steve Hindley - NEW ZEALAND

Thanks - good service - will recommend to my colleagues.

Message from: Suzette (omit). suzette @ (Canada)

Just want to thank you for your help in getting our visa on arrival. You were right, it was very simple and fast. I will recommend your site to everyone I know who will go to Vietnam

Message from: Prof GP and Ruth Landow (US)

I give Steve T. Thompson and his company MY VIETNAM VISA highly enthusiastic reviews because of their speed and efficiency in expediting our last-minute visas to Saigon for my husband and me last month. Steve was also extremely helpful and supportive in dealing for several additional emails concerning minor questions. Just be careful you don't interpret "multiple visas" as visas for more than one person (as I did) rather than multiple visits per person as was the fact. Save half the money I spent!

Message from: Rodrigo Leite (Brazilian)

The service was better than I expected!! I asked for the urgent process cause I didn't have enough time to wait for the regular service and the letter arrived just in time. I had some doubts while asking for the letter and doing the payment and you answered all the e-mails that I sent! I would like to thank you! We appreciated your service!

Message from: Richie (United States)

Thanks got it all printed out it's been a pleasure doing buisness with you will use you in the future and will recommend you to my friends.

Message from: Darren Tyson Degraaf (Canada) -

Thank you, and please say thanks to your colleagues for getting this done on time. I will now print this attachment out. Also, thanks for advising me about the other items. I will make some passport photos now.

Message from: Neville STRANGE & Leonor HIGGINS (New Zealand) - (Privacy)

Let me just say your service and your payment system is second to none. It is very simple and easy to follow. Wish you all the best and thank you for your help.

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