Expiry date of passport

I hope to visit Vietnam in December for two weeks (I am a UK citizen) but my passport expiry date is January 2010. Will I have to renew my passport before travelling even though it is still valid when I leave Vietnam?

Types of Visa to Vietnam & Application in HK

To whom it may concern, I would like to enquire about the different types of visas to Vietnam. The travel agency suggested that I need to get Type C visa, to eliminate the minimum USD that I need to bring to Vietnam. If I do not apply Visa through travel agency, do I still get exemption on the amount of money I bring with me? Also, I would like to know if this "Apply Online" feature can be used among citizens of Hong Kong, or do I need to apply Vietnam visa through their Embassy in Hong Kong? Looking forward to your soonest respond, as I will need to apply within the next 2 days. Very much appreciated for your help. Thanks & regards, Ellen

temp visa uk from paris

I have only a South African passport. Living in UK about 3 years with wife and son( Both British) Need a temp. visa to enter UK to then apply for a visa to stay in uk. How long will it take to get the visa. I leave for Paris 18/9/09. What will it cost>

Lost Passport

Our foreigner worker lost their passport. What document suppose i need to prepare to apply new passport? Do you have any checklist? Please email to me.

do i need a flight out of vietnam to be let in to vietnam?

do i need a flight out of vietnam to be let in to vietnam?

branch ?

Do you have a branch in HCMC ? which address ? Thanks.

Russian visa question

Hi, my situation is I am Vietnamese. I got a Chinese student visa and i want to come to Russia for visiting my parents. Could I just make an arrival visa to Russian in China or Do i need to go back to Vietnam to make it? Thanks a lot!

Open on Sunday?

Hi Are the offices open on Sundays to receive my visa on arrival. If not what are my options? Thanks.

Visa extension in Vietnam

I'm a Taiwanese , stay at Hai Phong now . My visa will expire at Sep 15 , 2009 Can I do the visa extension on line ? Thank you very much !

Entering by air, leaving by land

Hi. I am planning on entering Vietnam via Hanoi Noi Bai Airport on the 18th October and exiting via one of the Cambodia land border posts 2 - 3 weeks later. Given I dont have a round trip ticket (my return home flight is from Indonesia) will I still qualify for a tourist visa and if so will I still qualify for visa on arrival? Thanks in advance, Liam