how to apply for visa on arrival

Hello, I am a British citizen living in France with my wife who is French and our 3 children have dual nationality. Can we apply for tourist visa on arrival and what is the best way to do this? many thanks Roger

Time for Visa

Hi ! I've bought tickets for my family in next year ( 18/01/10). Could you tell me if I can do Visa on arrival for my family now? Thanks

Exemption of VISA

Hi, Our company is organizing a group trip to Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City). We will like to enquire whether our friends from People's Republic of China who are currently a Singapore PR need to apply for a VISA if they are going to Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City).Are Singapore citizens also required to apply for any VISA for their trips to Ho Chi Ming city?Please advise. Thank you. Best regards, Adrian Soo Haw Hee Associate Agency Manager Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ Authorized Representative of American Home Assurance Company (AHAC) & American International Assurance Company, Limited (AIA) DID : 6373 5713/14 FAX : 6272 9967 HP : 9873 7660 EMAIL :

visa enquiry

Hi there, I am enquiry about my visa I am a South Korean citizen. I will be visiting Vietnam from 10th November till 22nd November 2009, then I am going to Cambodia by a bus for a week then coming back to Vietnam for flight to Melbourne, but I only purchased airplane tickets for Korea to Vietnam(Hochimin city) on 10th Nov and Vietnam(Hochimin city) to Melbourne on 30th Nov. I know as a Korean citizen I am able to visit Vietnam up to 15days but my airplane ticket shows I will be in Vietnam for 21days, not shows that I will be visiting Cambodia. In this case, do I need visa? Or do I still need to prove that I will be visiting other countries by purchasing bus or train tickets? Or it’s okay as long as I have return ticket? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

on arrival from Phnom Phen

the same visa procedure applies also when I arrive via Cambodia? My visa expires soon and i cannot get any further extension here in Vietnam. I intend to cross border and apply for another 3 month while staying in Cambodia. Will that be possible?

Changing vissa date

Hello, I got my viatnam vissa a few months back, at the 24.7. The vissa date is to 30.10 - 30.11. I am now in hong kong and i wanted to know if there is any possibility to make it earlier, without the need if getting a new one. Just changing the date. Thank you for the answer

passport information

In the online application that I just sent, you do not ask for the date of expiry of the passport . I thought you would need this? Terry Cannon

Visa type and days for application

Will i need a multiple entry visa or single entry? I am arriving in HCM City from Kuala Lumpur. My trip will consist of internal flights to Danang and then to Hanoi the final destination. After this I fly to Kuala Lumpur. How many days will the application take for visa to be ready if applied online?

Visa To Vietnam

I'm a Vietnamese holding Vietnam Passport - living in Ireland. My husband is Irish, we would like to go to VN to visit my family. Which form should we fill out for exemption Visa to entry Vietnam? What documents need to be enclosed? Regards. Dao Nguyen

Visa lengths

Hi, I was wondering if the visas on arrival on your site are the updated ones available. I have been hearing that the maximum visa available right now is a 3 month for multiple entries. Thanks.