Visa to America from Ho Chi Minh

I am a friend of Michelle Lee, who lives in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. She has cousins here in Seattle, WA named Julia Diep, Kimberly Diep, Tawnya Diep, Tommy Diep, Cathy Diep, Tiffiny Diep, Jenny Diep and their mother Queen Lam. Michelle would like to come to America to visit her family here on a Visitor Visa or maybe start working here on a Employment visa. What do all parties involved in this process need to do to get the documentation and other things needed for the Visa, whatever type my best fit Michelle?

visa on arrival from Cambodia

I would like to know if I can have a visa on arrival, i will enter Vietnam by land from Kep to Ha Tien thanks and regards Tomool

dual citizenship

I just got Australia Citizenship, how ever I like to keep my Vietnamese citizen, Please tell me what should I do. I am looking forward to getting your reply.Thank you for your time with my request

my vietnam visa

Is it O.K to apply and obtain my vietnam visa through you IF My travel date is NOVEMBER 14/2009.I am going to be arriving HANOI on NOV 15/09. and stay in vietnam as a tourist for 15 day to 20 days. Thanks.Is your visa effective from the time of landing?Thanks. Pl reply.

1 year multiple

I would like to order a 1 year multiple, is this possible from the site?

pricer of visa fee

how much is the visa fee

VISA online application

Dear Sir / Madam, Thank you for your notice. This email is from Hong Kong. I would like to visit Vietnam in October. Would I apply this VISA via and get the visa on arrival? Regards, Paul Lee

enter and exit date

my approval letter states that my enter and exit into Vietnam is from 10/10-10/11, but that is not the dates that I will be in Vietnam. Do I need to have the exact date printed on approval letter? or is this letter valid for the next month or so?

visa for a six month stay in vietnam

I am a spanish citezen, am going to Vietnam to marry my Vietnamese fiancee. I wish to stay in Vietnam for six months, to get to know her family, the vietnamese, and Vietnam, a country I admire very much. I understand that the visas are extended for three months only. Is it not possible to obtain permission to stay for six months? Thank you for your attention, awaiting your kind reply, Francisco-Rui da Cruz Costa

Business visa

I am a Malaysian citizen scheduled to attend a company meeting in Vietnam in December for 2-3 days. I understand Malaysians do not require visa. Do we need business visa if on company business?