Wife Phil Passport & Husband US Passport

Good day! I am a Philippine passport holder under my married name. My husband holds a US passport. We plan to visit Vietnam in Jan. 2010 for 2-3 days only. I know Filipinos are visa exempt for 21 days. What about my husband?I read in the Vietnam Tourism site that spouses of those exempt are also exempt from applying for Vietnam visa if we stay less than 21 days. Can you please clarify. Thank you!


Hi there, if i apply today, will i have the letter nxt friday?!

Visa for Permanent Australian resident with UK passport

What kind of visa is required by self if I am Permanent Australian resident with UK Passport intending to vacation to Vietnam for under 30 days.

visa 6 months

I'm french living in new caledonia, no VN embassy or consulate, my wife is Vn with VN pasport, we have just a baby and we are looking for 6 months visa for me and baby because my wife will stay with baby 5 months. I need to travel, so can I have a multiple 6 months visa. Best regards

expiring passport

My Philippine passport expires in March 22, 2010, less than 6 months from Oct. 29 when I am supposed to fly to Ho Chi Minh for my holiday - will that be a problem?

Visa Application form

Please can you show me where I can get the Visa application form...Or can u attach a copy and send to me howard.jude@(....) 0207 767 (....)

China citizen coming to HCMC from HK

Hi, I have a friend from China, who would like to come to HCMC from Hong Kong. Can he apply visa on arrival? How can he apply online as there is no China nationality option in the online application form? Thanks!

2 separate groups

Hi I have 2 groups that will be going to Vietnam on the same day. 3 of them will be going to Hanoi Airport and 4 of them will be going to the Airport in Ho Chi Minh. Can I apply for Visa on Arrival for all 7 of them or do I have to do 2 separate group application. Does the Visa on Arrival approval letter mention which airport we will be arriving in?

visa from cebu,philippines

May I apply for a visa on arrival from USA, go to Vietnam then 6 mos later travel to philippines. I can get a visa for philippines at airport in cebu. I then will have to return to HCMC for my return flight to USA? May I apply for visa on arrival from philippines? I'm buying rt tickets to VN from U.S. Hence my reason for returning to Vn is that I have air tickets on Vn airways for flight home?

visa fee

how much it costs me for 1 entry, or multiple entries. because i see stamp fee, visa fee, consulate fee....ect. so how much????? what else fee