Vietnam visa photos and pictures

Hi, for the visa on arrival, will a picture that is 1.2 inches wide by 2 inches long work? I am on the road in China unfortunately, and it will be difficult for me to get a new picture.

Out of country visa application

Hello, I am Canadian but currently in Singapore. Can I apply for a Visa on arrival for Vietnam online while I am in Singapore? Or do I have to go to the Vietnamese embassy to get a visa? Thanks, Jessica

Do we need to send our passports away for the visa?

hello, i will be travelling around asia for three months in december and we plan to visit vietnam. i want to arrange the visas online when we are in asia because we do not know when we will go to vietnam. is it right that we have to fly in to vietnam to get the online visa? also do we have to send our passports away for the visa? i dont want to have to send our passports away when we are abroad. Many Thanks siobhan Mooney

visa changing enquiry

Hello, I applied for a single entry visa to Vietnam about a month ago, and I received a letter from you confirming that I could apply for it upon arrival. Now I changed my plans and I want to enter Vietnam twice during my journey. I was wandering if it's possible to change my application to a multiple entry or perhaps apply for another single entry visa. Please note that the first entry is only for transit purposes as I'd be heading toward Cambodia. I'd appreciate your quick reply. Kind regards, Jakub Kulg

European Passport

I have both Australian and Greek{European} passports... Do I need a visa to visit . My trip is in mid January.. Shall i go to the Vietnam Embassy here in Athens or obtain my visa on line. Thank you for your time.

visa on arrival via airport and via overland

We are (UKcitizens) planning to come to vietnam from HK on the 20th Nov 09 to Hanoi by air, spend a few days there, then go to Cambodia for a week. Then we are planning to go back to vietnam, by land (not decided which route yet). probably to HCMC, then go to Hanoi again to catch a flight back to HK . So we will be entering Vietnam twice, once by air and once by land within a matter of 2 weeks. What type of visa suits us best please advise .

The total cost of applying the visa on arrival

pls advise the 1 month single entry visa on arrival, the total would be : USD76 Standard Service + USD25 Stamping Fee?

Visa procedures

Is the procedure of the visa on arrival valid only for US citizens or can citizens from other countries apply as well via internet? Specifically for Mexican Citizens?

cost of visa

I am looking at the pricing and dont understand because I see 2 sets of prices. We are 3 U.S. tourists that would like to get a Visa on arrival. What would the total cost for each Visa be, including all fees (ie stamp fee etc). Thank you

visa requirements for ship-shore excursions Ho Chi Min City

Do I require a tourist visa for a one day ship to shore organised visit. I will be travelling on Costa Cruises Ship Classica arriving in Ho Chi Min City on Monday 30th November 2009