Flight Reference

May I ask what do I input for "Flight Reference" on the application? Thank you, Ryan

Thai visa

I m from Bosnia and last vacation I was on Thailand!!I m working in Asia so I will not be able to go every time in Bosnia to get visa!! Is it possible to get tour. visa for a year for a few entry,because I m able to go on vacatio every 4 months or If I m in Dubai where is the closest place to get visa and how many days I have to wait to get visa!!? Thank you

Vietnam Driving License

Will my UK driving license be acceptable or do I need to have 1) International License or 2) Vietnam driving license. If so do you arrange?

Filipina crossing border from China

Dear Sirs, in extension to my question that I placed yesterday: can my girlfriend from the Philippines cross the border also "via land", means from Nanning to Hanoi, without a visa? Thanks in advance and Best Regards, Ulf Dymke

questionnaire on arrival airport

Is it possible to receive a copy of the questionnaire to be filled out on arrival at the airport in Vietnam by e-mail, so I can prepare it beforehan.

3 months multi entry visa

Hi, I have a friend from Indonesian who is going to stay with me for at least 3 months. I understand that for indonesians they can enter vietnama nd stay without visa for one month. So can she apply for the 3 months multiple entry visa dating a month later than the date of arrival using the visa on arrival? Thanks.

Visa exemption for Norwegian citizen

Hei, I am a Norwegian citizen, and I have Norwegian passport. Will you please instruct me whether it is necessary to have a visa under a stay of within-14- days ( planned staying is from 29 january to 11 febuary -2010) in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. May be I have to leave Vietnam on 10/febuary-2010, to be within the 14 days visa-regulations. Looking forward to having an earlier instruction. Thanks for anticipation. Best regards Tommy

travelling on bicycles into Vietnam from Guangzhou China


Three of us will be travelling on bicycles into Vietnam from Guangzhou China this month. We will be crossing the land border into Mong Cai. Can we get a visa at the border or do we have to have one in advance and how much will it cost? Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,


Bus from Nanning to Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear sir or madam,

as I found on the web site there is a way to obtain visa to Vietnam on internet. It is easy, conveniant and quick. If I understood it correctly this is the visa to land in Hanoi, Ho Chi Min City or Danang.

Could You, please, tell me if I will be able to use this visa once I will be arriving to Vietnam from Nanning, city in China, by bus?

Thank You

Sincerely Kamil Knap

Vietnam by train

Hi, I am planning on entering Vietnam from Cambodia by train. I understand i can only get visa on arrival if entering by air, so is the only way to obtain a visa for land entry by going to the embassy? If so, will i still need an approval letter? Thanks for your help Tristan Allen