Vietnam tourism sees steady growth in July

According to the National General Statistic Office, international arrivals in Vietnam have reached 460,000 in July, an increase of over 10% compared with the same period last year.

The total of the first seven of 2011 is recorded at almost 3.5 million visitors, a significant growth of 17.3% compared with the period January - July 2010.

Disaggregating this data, one can tell that the strongest growth is with visitors travelling by are for tourism and visiting relatives purposes. China remains the largest source of tourists for Vietnam, most of whom probably travel by road. Runner-ups are South Korea, USA and Japan nationals.

Both South Koreans and Japanese enjoy the 15-day visa exemption program, which explains for their large proportion among nationals visiting Vietnam. Americans and Australians, on the other hand, are also the top 7 sending countries of tourists to Vietnam, thanks to the easy access by air nowadays, and the simplified visa process. One can apply for a visa to Vietnam online and get the visa at Vietnam Airport.

There has not yet been any official data released about the percentage of air travellers obtaining a visa on arrival, but the growing number of applications that we see everyday must mean something. It is not exaggerating to say that visa on arrival, since its taking effect in 2003, has been one of the driving factors for more tourists to visit Vietnam.

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