Vietnam among the most tourist-friendly countries

Vietnam is becoming one of the most tourist friendly nations, attracting millions of international visitors from all over the world. It is easy to understand why:

Simple visa procedures:

Thanks to supportive policies to promote tourism, regulations related to entry and exit Vietnam are getting simpler than ever before. When it comes to visa procedures, even though entry visa to Vietnam are generally required for all visitors; there are a wide variety of visa exemption agreements between Vietnam and other foreign countries with 15-30 day validity. Therefore¸ travelers of certain countries may travel around Vietnam without entry visa for a short period of time.

Otherwise, visitors can obtain a visa for Vietnam simply and quickly at the Embassies or General consulates of Vietnam, travel agencies or visa on arrival. Visa on arrival means that you attain visa approval by Vietnam Immigration office in advance and get visa stamped at the Vietnam airport. These days, sensible visitors consider visa on arrival the most convenient and cheapest method since you can apply online anytime, anywhere and receive the approval letter even within four hours.

Furthermore, regarding customs regulations, a great many procedures are removed or exempted to offer travelers the fastest processing at the Vietnamese airports as well as border checkpoints. Most importantly, knowledgeable and accommodating official staffs are willing to help you with any request you may have.

Affordable tour, hotel and restaurant services:

Another factor that deserves some compliments here is the high quality of tour, restaurant and hotel services at a very reasonable cost. Tourists may choose their favourite tour types such as sightseeing tour, short excursion tour or adventure tour and explore major famous destinations or more memorably enjoy a rewarding tour along Vietnam. The tour guide, restaurant waiters and hotel staffs are always ready to share with you extremely useful travel tips with a view to give you the most fascinating trip ever.

Super-friendly people:

It would not be completed if we neglect to include the most striking reason why Vietnam is so tourist-friendly here. Nearly all foreigners give truly positive feedbacks about the super-friendly attitudes of Vietnamese. You may be interested to hear that apart from captivating natural beauty, the hospitality and the big smile of local citizens are indeed a significant factor to attract visitors to come back Vietnam. Today, after some decades from a long-lasting fierce war, Vietnam is becoming a vibrant emerging economy where young population focus on living life in the present and are very friendly with foreigners of all nationalities including French and American.

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