visa on arrival from Cambodia

I would like to know if I can have a visa on arrival, i will enter Vietnam by land from Kep to Ha Tien thanks and regards Tomool

1 year multiple

I would like to order a 1 year multiple, is this possible from the site?

VISA online application

Dear Sir / Madam, Thank you for your notice. This email is from Hong Kong. I would like to visit Vietnam in October. Would I apply this VISA via and get the visa on arrival? Regards, Paul Lee

enter and exit date

my approval letter states that my enter and exit into Vietnam is from 10/10-10/11, but that is not the dates that I will be in Vietnam. Do I need to have the exact date printed on approval letter? or is this letter valid for the next month or so?

how to apply for visa on arrival

Hello, I am a British citizen living in France with my wife who is French and our 3 children have dual nationality. Can we apply for tourist visa on arrival and what is the best way to do this? many thanks Roger

Time for Visa

Hi ! I've bought tickets for my family in next year ( 18/01/10). Could you tell me if I can do Visa on arrival for my family now? Thanks

on arrival from Phnom Phen

the same visa procedure applies also when I arrive via Cambodia? My visa expires soon and i cannot get any further extension here in Vietnam. I intend to cross border and apply for another 3 month while staying in Cambodia. Will that be possible?

passport information

In the online application that I just sent, you do not ask for the date of expiry of the passport . I thought you would need this? Terry Cannon

Visa lengths

Hi, I was wondering if the visas on arrival on your site are the updated ones available. I have been hearing that the maximum visa available right now is a 3 month for multiple entries. Thanks.

No online visa choice on Vietnam embassy website

Hi, I was just wondering how legitimate this is? I Have been onto the official Vietnam Embassy website for the UK and they only state that a visa can be obtained in person or by post with no mention of a visa on arrival facility. We are going in a months time and I would rather use this online visa on arrival method but want to be certain is it totally acceptable! Thanking you, David