visa on arrival from russia

I'm Swiss citizen and my flight to Hanoi is going over Moskow. Is it also possible for me to get a visa by arrival or must I have already a visa from the embassy in Berne? Thanks for your answer Dagmar Boy

1 month or 3 month visa

We land in Ho Chi Min City January 20, 2010...we leave February 23, 2010 from HCMC. This is just a couple of days over a we pay for the 3 month visa? I plan to submit my form tomorrow. Thanks very much ellen overstall

Cruise ship arrival

We are arriving in Ho Chi Minh city by cruise ship on the 29/01/2010 will we be able to collect visa`s at the port?

Visa on arrival for Bangkok to Hanoi flight

We are flying into Bangkok Thailand from the US and want to book airline reservations to Hanoi, Vietnam. I realize we can apply for a visa in Bangkok, but we arrive on a Friday and would not be able to apply until the following Monday and it would take 4 days. Question: Just to clarify, can we apply for a visa on arrival if we book a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi? Do we need to indicate the exact day we will be arriving when we apply? Thank you,

Visa Approval for citizens of Ukraine

Would like to ask if the visa approval letter is valid for the citizens of Ukraine? Could i use the visa approval letter when applying for the Vietnam visa to the consulate of Vietnam in Ukraine. Thanking you in advance! Tanya Konstantinova

Do I need a visa if I am from New Zealand and my partner from Australia?

After searching online I have found so much conflicting information about this. We will be travelling to Vietnam next year on May 23. We would like to get Visa on arrival because we have been told that a Visa is only valid for 3 months from date of purchase. We will be travelling to South America on February 17th and will be backpacking so won't be able to send our passports to Vietnam Embassy. We will be in South America for 3.5 months, so of course no use applying for the Vietnam visa before we leave because it would expire before we got there. If we can get Visa on arrival to Vietnam (Hanoi), that would be much easier. We will be in Vietnam for 2 weeks from May 23. We fly into Hanoi and will depart overland from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia. Thankyou

Visa coming in by boat

I'm traveling on Costa cruise this December and will stop in Veitnam in Ho Chi Min first and then go to Da Nang. Can I pick up my visa at the port rather than the airport?

Do I need Visa?

Hello, I am from Venezuela and live in Malaysia. Can I apply for visa on arrival to Vietnam? Or I have to apply before travel? Thank you.

Can i enter ealier?

If I apply for a Visa on arrival and type in an exact arrival date: What will happen, when the airline change the flight dates on a day, which is earlier than applied? Kind regards Patricia Hartmann

31days stay/multi entrance

hello I ve booked my flight for vietnam I need a visa for 31 days! also I maybe would like to fly to Thailand for a few days then fly back to vietnam so that means maybe a multi entrance visa not single use! for starters i d like to know how much it would cost for a single use(entrance) visa for 31 days! 12th december - 12th january and how much would it be for a 31day visa with multi entrance? 3weeks to go please get in touch with me fast regards Ronald Needes this is ofcourse with visa on arrival or what ever is easiest?