Visa for Taiwanese

Hello, I am a Taiwanese in Singapore. If i need to go to vietnam on business trip, do I need to go to Vietnam Embassy and apply for visa? or Can I apply online?

Change from single to multiple entry

I put in my application for 3 single entry visa's last night, but my travel companion has come to me this morning asking if she might be able to change to a multiple entry. Is it too late to do this.

Cruise Ship Travel

Please advise me whether or not I can arrange a visa on arrival if I'm travelling by a Cruise Ship

Letter Print Quality

Hello! I have just received the Visa letter today via my email, I attempted to print it but the quality seemed to be quite low. All the text is maintained and audible however, but the red stamp is not visible in the slightest. Im just wondering if this will cause issues in the airport? Thank you.

M3 Form vietnam visa

Can we print the form and fill it in and take it with su to have readys or do we have to fill it in when we get there? I note they want two forms filled ion is this correct?

Vsa on arrival

I am a citizen of Armenia. Can I apply for your on-line service of getting my Vietnam visa? What procedure will I need to pass through?

Letter of approval and Transit flight

I am travelling from Australia to VN but transit in Singapore. Will a letter of approval be acepted if am in transit in Singapore to get a flight to VN. Thank you.

How to complete Q10 of application for entry and exit visa

Can you please tell me how to complete question 10 on the application for entry and exit visa to be handed in at airport in Vietnam. I am not sure if they are asking for our next of kin in Australia or where we are staying in Vietnam or if we should leave it blank. Thank you

Re on-arrival form

On the on-arrival form which I have downloaded, it says that one of the forms should be sent to the visa issuing authority and one handed in at the point of entry to Vietnam - would you let me know what I need to do. I have the approval letter. Thank you Jenny Moon

Blank / empty pages in US Passport

I am traveling to Vietnam in two weeks and will use this service to apply for the visa letter on arrival. However my US passport only has blank pages numbers 22, 23 and 24. I have seen elsewhere that this could be a problem. Can anyone confirm if these are sufficient for arrival in Vietnam, or if I need to have pages added before I go? Thank you -Joseph