Vietnam visa

Dear Sir or Madam: My fiance and I are travelling to Vietnam September 15 to October 5(20 days). (and we will be visiting Cambodia while we are there) We are United States citizens. We have valid passports that dont expire for 6 years. I would like to obtain a Vietnamese visa. Do I need to obtain this ahead of time or can I obtain one when I land in Ho Chi Minh airport? And if so what is the fee for that? I see that I can fill in an application and mail it. But I couldnt find what the fee was on the website for doing this. Since we are going to Vietnam and then to Cambodia and then back to Vietnam does that require a multiple visit visa? Or will a single-entry visa suffice? Also what are all the fees? It seems there both a application fee and a stamping fee? Also what about doing "visa on arrival", where you get a "visa approval letter" ahead of time? Is this so? and what are the fees with that? How do those fees compare with doing a mail in visa. And for cambodia vise can I get that when I land in cambodia (i think i will be flying there) Thank you very much for your assistance, Mark Gibson

Chinese Citizen

Hi! Just quick question: Is it possible for a Chinese citizen to get a visa on arrival? I am American but will be traveling from China with a Chinese friend. Thanks!

Visas for Nepal nationals

What is the procedure for nationals of Nepal to visit Vietnam on Tourist Visa?

Across land entry

I am a citizen of The U.K., presently living in Taiwan. I shall be flying into Cambodia (from Taipei) in three weeks and wish to cross into Vietnam for four days, but have heard that I can only get a visa from my embassy (London is quite far away), or if I were to fly straight into Vietnam. How can I thus get a visa, being in my position?


gud day! hi,, i have one (1) question,, do i need visa if im going vietnam for 5 days only? or passport is ok and my plane ticket only? i hope i receive your response as soon as posible .. thanks! More power ....

Multiple entry visa Vietnam

Hello, we will arrive on Hanoi airport 19th of November so that would be no problem to pick up the visa on arrival. But a few days later we go to Cambodja and a 2 weeks later we go from Cambodja to Vietnam by bus or boat. Is it a problem that we enter Vietnam the second time overland? greeting Ellen

visa overland from Cambodia

I will be in Cambodia and would like to visit some Pathologist that spent time here at the University of Colorado with me. They would like me to give a couple classes at the Hosp to the Histology Lab. I will be coming from Phnom Penh by bus and spend around one week with the Drs in Ho Chi Minh City. I am not sure of the timing but it will be in Dec 09. Will I be able to get a visa in Phnom Penh for the week when I know the exact dates?

singaporean need one month visa payment?

i be coming to ho chi minh from 30jul 09 to 29 aug 09. is this considered as one month visa ? plse advise.

Who can get visa on arrival

Hi, I am a citizen of Venezuela. Is the visa on arrival good for my citizenship? Thank you

How far in advance do I need to apply for my visa

I am going to visit Vietnam this September. Can I apply the visa now or have to wait till August to apply,my friend said the visa is only valid for 4 weeks.Thanks