arrive by cruise

Can I use your service for visa on arrival if we going to Vietnam by cruise

Visa Application

Hello, I submitted an application for a 1 year multiple entry Visa on your website, and received a reply that indicated I would receive an email with online payment instructions. I never received that email so I have no been able to complete the application. My Visa application is to visit friends and do some sightseeing. Please help me to finish this process. Thank You, Robert Zakar

Airline in Singapore accept the approval letter or not

Hello, I have a friend in Colombo, french passport, living in Colombo, we want to fly to Vietnam via Singapore with SQ. Does the Airline in Singapore accept the approval letter for a visa on arrival. Is the letter signed by the Vietnam Embassy? Thanks very much for your answer. regards A. Iser-Karreh

Q14 before signature required

"done at" what does this mean

Passport expiring in 3 months from date of arrival

My passport expires 3 months from date of arrival. I am applying for 1 month single entry visa. Is this okay? (FAQs posted on this site say passport validity should be 1 month beyond visa validity period but your online form ask for 6 months validity of passport.) Thanks, SG.

multi entry

We would like to get a multi entry visa and would like to know if we can purchase a visa on arrival on line. We will be arriving in Ho Chi Minh City by plane from Australia, but returning to Ho Chi Minh City overland from Pnom Phen. Are we able to use the visa on arrival for our return to vietnam overland ( second time), or do we need to get a visa from the consulate normally. Thank you, sincerely, Liz Hillaire

Indian national, PR in China arriving from Beijing

Hi, I hold a India passport and am resident of China. I will be arriving from Beijing. Is the visa on arrival valid for me? I saw that you mentioned this system is not working for Chinese citizens arriving from mainland China. Thanks for the help! SG

visa on line

My son is travelling to Vietnam on Friday 28th 6pm flight. His passport will be with us on Wednesday (tomorrow) by 1pm - if we make application straight away will you be able to get approval letter back before midday on Friday 28th. Is there away of doing a rush visa with you if there is not enouth time. He will be needing a 1month tourist visa single entry Thank you Mark

Lebanese passport

I am a Lebanese national currently in Laos. Can I use your online application for the Vietnman visa and get it stamped at the airport? The "Check Requirement" on your main page doesn't list Lebanon. Thanks George

Visa Pick Up

Can I pick up the visa at a land border crossing? E.g. Cambodia/Vietnam Cheers