Visa renewal

I have a 6 months tourist visa (B3) valid until 21/02/10. I am a retired French citizen, not working in Vietnam or elsewhere. Can you get a 3 months renewal visa for me without leaving the country and how much it cost ?

rush visa extension

My visa expires 21 October 2009, could we rush visa extension? I'm planning to go to this address in Hanoi: No. 40A Hang Bai Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi for processing. How long could they process the visa and how much?

visa for a six month stay in vietnam

I am a spanish citezen, am going to Vietnam to marry my Vietnamese fiancee. I wish to stay in Vietnam for six months, to get to know her family, the vietnamese, and Vietnam, a country I admire very much. I understand that the visas are extended for three months only. Is it not possible to obtain permission to stay for six months? Thank you for your attention, awaiting your kind reply, Francisco-Rui da Cruz Costa

Visa extension in Vietnam

I'm a Taiwanese , stay at Hai Phong now . My visa will expire at Sep 15 , 2009 Can I do the visa extension on line ? Thank you very much !

visa extension question

Do you handle visa extension? How do I apply? Can I apply for an extension before the visa expires? How long will it take? How much does it cost? What happens if I overstay my visa? Thanks for your time.

Visa Extension in Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon

Where and how to apply for an visa extension in CHMcity?

visa overstay, extension

hello - when we applied for our Visa, we were originally going to leav Vietnam on or before Oct 5.  Now, we would like to leave on the 8th.

We have already received our passports back from teh embassy with the visa.  We will be flying into/out of Hanoi.

What can be done to extend the visa?  We will only be in the country for a week, so leaving the passport for a week in hanoi isn't attractive.
please advise