Visa To Vietnam

I'm a Vietnamese holding Vietnam Passport - living in Ireland. My husband is Irish, we would like to go to VN to visit my family. Which form should we fill out for exemption Visa to entry Vietnam? What documents need to be enclosed? Regards. Dao Nguyen

Visa for Myanmar Passport holder

Does myanmar passport holder need to get a visa to visit vietnam for 2weeks from singapore?

visa exemption

hi we are a group comprises of singaporean amd malaysia visiting hanoi for 2 weeks. Do we need to apply visa ?

situation of visa exempt philippine companion to Vietnam

I will need a visa as a Canadian traveling to Vietnam. What is needed for my Philippine girlfriend? I see she is visa exempt for less than 30 days, does she just show up at the airport with me or is something else required?

Visa for French citizens?

Hi, I have a French passport and I would like to travel to Vietnam for a month. I have seen on your website that: "Nationals of France with valid diplomatic or official passports may travel Vietnam for less than 90 days." But I have called the Vietnam embassies in France and Vietnam, and they told me that I required a visa because I only has a "normal" (non-diplomatic) French passport. Could you tell me if I need a visa, and where I could get up-to-date information about visas for French citizens? Thanks a lot. Gilles Gautier

Visa Exemption for HKSAR

Dear sirs, My question is : Does HKSAR passport holder need to apply VISA ? Thank you very much.