Re how can the visa if I arrived at mid night

We are hong kong people, I want to apply a visa for travelling. somebody told me that we need to provide a photo for visa, is it true? And if we get approval letter through the Internet and we can get the visa from hong kong airport, but our flight will be flies on mid night, is it opened your authorized office?

multi entry visa

Hi, I have already paid for a single entry visa and would like to know if i can change this to a multi entry visa because I will be travelling from Vietnam to China and back to Vietnam before returning home to Australia? Thank you, Roger

Thai Tourist Visa for Australian Citizens

An Australian Citizen wants to apply for a tourist visa for Thailand...What are the rules & exceptions for this type of visa? Thank you

Visa Inquiry

Dear Sir, My wife and I are retired SENIORS with Indian Pass Port, living in Singapore on a Social Long Stay Visa. We plan to travel through South East Asia: by train, during the month of August, 2010. Do we need a visa to enter and re-enter Vietnam during our to and fro journey? South East Asia : Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea and Japan

cruising and visa

We are cruising ( 2 adults) in October 2010 and will enter Vietnam on several occassions as the ship sails along the coast. We land at Cai Lang (2 days), Da Nang (1day), Vha Trang (1 day ) and Ho Chi Minh (2days). Does this count as one entry? Yours sincerely Siuna A Reid

Travel to China before

Hi, I am from Canada and I will be travelling in China for 3 months before going to Viet Nam. Is it possible to get a visa before I leave from Canada or the visa may be expired once I'll be in Viet Nam?

volunteer work visa and tourist visa

My husband and I are volunteers for Habitat for Humanity in Vietnam in March. We have a visa approval number for our volunteer work dated from 18th March - 16th April. However we now arrive in Vietnam as tourists on 10th March. Is it ok to get tourist visas from 10th March - 17th March only (not a 30 day visa) as we have been told the visa dates must not cross over. We leave Vietnam 4th April. Thank you for your advice.

Janet McDermid

Amount of stamping fee in Vietnam

In your cost section, you mentioned that the cost calculation does NOT include the stamping fee on arrival in Vietnam. Could you give me an estimate of this fee per pax. In the case that I get my vis in Sydney through the Consulte, is this fee included in the cost I pay them. Thank you very much for your assistance

Visa in the UK prior to travel

My Fiance and I are going on holiday to vietnam for 12 days and would like to get our visas in the UK prior to when we travel , we fly from the UK on the 13.02.2010 - is this possible without having to visit the embassy in person? please can you provide exact details on how we do this? Thank you

Cambodia visa

I will be travelling to Vietnam in July and while there will be visiting Cambodia,will I need a multiple entry visa or can I get a visa for Cambodia while in Vietnam? Thanks Tina