Vietnam visa in Bangkok for UK nationals

Dear Sir/Madam

I will be traveling over the land border from Laos to Vietnam in December this year, I am quite confused as to the method of applying for a visa for Vietnam. If i apply online what is the process on arrival in a vietnam land border? I have heard that obtaining one in bangkok is possible but the price of the UK embassy seems very expensive to those obtained abroad. I will be staying around 2 weeks in Vietnam before crossing, again via land border into Cambodia. Any help or advice would be much appreciated

Kind Regards

Laura Goodman

Get Vietnam Visa in Brisbane Australia

I am travelling to Vietnam and have a multiple entry Visa. My wife would like to come over as well as would like to get a Visa in her passport in Brisbane before she leaves. Is this possible?

leaving overland? multiple entry possible?

Hello, I got my visa today, but I still have 2 questions: 1) Am I allowed to leave the country by bus to cambodia or is it only possible to leave from the 3 airports? 2) Can I choose a multiple entry by paying 50$ or have I already choosen for the single entry, by ordering this visa for 19.99$? Thanks for your help.

entering via river cruise, where do i apply and stamp

Hi ,We are flying from Australia to Cambodia [Seim Reap ]and on a 8 day Mekong river cruise ,heading into Vietnam and leaving by AIR from Ho Chi Ming City . So what do I need to do for a Visa [there are two of us ]?? AND WHERE DO i GET THEM STAMPED ? on arriving and where ? or can i get them stamped { on departing} .at the airport .before leaving .Thank You .Barry

Application for entry and exit visa form

Previously this application was required once you checked in Vietnam airport, but according to the latest promulgated law by the Immigration Department, this form is no longer required, does this mean i do not have to fill in this form?

flight numbers

hello, On arrival we fly into ho chi minh but then have a coonecting flight to hanoi. Which flight number should I use on the application, the one to hanoi or the one from melbourne to ho chi minh? Do we need to get visa at ho chi minh or will we just transit there and go through immigration at Hanoi. Flying Vietnam airlines. thankyou Hannah

Exit Vietnam after visa expire date

my three months multi-entry visa will be expired on 9 May. I plan to entry vietnam on 9 May and exit on 14 May. is it legal ? or I need to apply a new visa. thanks for help !

How to renew the Vietnamese passport

I have tried to search the website many times but i still can not find any documents or information about it. So if i want to renew my passport, how can i do it? what documents should i fill and send it to them? What is their address? Thank.

Working as a TEFL teacher

Myself and my boyfriend are qualified TEFL teachers and looking to find work in Vietnam. I was just wondering 1. If you need a degree to work as a teacher in Vietnam? 2. Can you get visas for longer than three months once you have secured a job? Thank you, Claire

visas abroad

I am a uk citizen travlelling to australia this week - I won't be able to visit the embassy in london before I leave to get a vietnamese Visa - is it possible to get a visa in person at emabssies in sydney oir thailand Or must I got through the uk embassy? I will be entering vietnam on land not at an airport so I cannot use voa Thanks Sadie