tourist visa for entering Vietnam by land

I've been on your website because i was looking for several informations about a touristic visa in VietNam. Actually we are a french couple who finishing his trip in Australia and we want to go in Viet Nam in October for a week.

I red we can get the visa to the airport but we are going to come in VietNam by land so that's why i would like to know how to get it from this way?

Thank you very much to respond.

Vietnam visa crossing the border from Laos

We are two backpackers hoping to enter Vietnam in two weeks time. We will not be stopping long enough in Bangkok or any other big cities to obtain a visa. Is there any other way we can obtain a tourist visa without doing this? We will be arriving from Cambodia and intend to spend about two weeks in Vietnam. We will be entering Laos from Vietnam and am also trying to find out if it is easy to get a visa crossing the border?

visa to Vietnam and border crossings

Hello, I need to get a visa to enter Vietnam for a personal vacation. However, I would be entering by land, probably from Thailand. Can I use the visa on arrival service for this? If not, how do you recommend I get the visa to enter Vietnam? I would like to do it the fastest way since I am leaving soon. Thank you. Brian

change visa

is it possible to change my 30 day single entry visa to a 30 day multiple entry visa?

getting visa to go to vietnam

I'm am American looking to visit Vietnam for about 2 weeks. I was hoping to be able to leave here July 27 and be back in the United State August 10. What is the quickest way to obtain a Vietnamese Visa so I can leave on that date? Thank you very much,

Do I have yo buy the flight ticket before apply the visa by online

I just have a question if I apply vis by online how long it goes through. Do I have yo buy the flight ticket before apply the visa by online