visa for retired and marrying in Vietnam

what is best way for american citizen to get visa since i have plan to married to vietnamese citizen pls advs thank you.ali

renew vietnamese passport

hi there i need to renew my vietnammese passport. how i can use the web to renew my passport ?How much dose it cost ? thanks

difference between your business and tourist visa

what is the difference between your business and tourist visa. How can I know which one I apply for. I was invited to a professional meeting, but I will not be doing any business in Vietnam. That meeting was approved by the government of Vietnam. I am coming only for four days, to Hanoi. I plan to do some tourism. Should I apply for a tourist visa?


As I know, the single entry for one-month is $65/each person ($25 is visa fee, $40 is regular approval arrangement and processing fee) if I apply at the Embassy. What is the total costs if I apply it from you? Thanks for your quick reply.

Visa to Vietnam by bus

Hi there, can you let me know if i am able to apply for an approved visa if i arrive in Vietnam by bus ? We are not sure how exactly we will be getting to Vietnam yet but we are considering both options and one of them is through a bus.

forms for four tourist visas

I am going to sent you forms for four tourist visas, a month duration, by post, this week . Should I sent them together in one enevelope with payment in one postal-order, visas and postage combined or should they be sent as four separate applications?

Vietnam Visa for foreigner

My friend from Germany, he may flight to Malaysia next week for a few days holiday in Malaysia. And he will to Vietnam from Malaysia, then he wants to apply Vietnam visa from Malaysia. He wants to know what is the requirement documents and the visa fees. He will stay in vietnam not more that 14 days.

Vietnamese Visa Help

We're going to be visiting Vietnam from China by train. Can we get a vietnamese visa from Beijing? Or should we apply before we set off from the Uk? (Its going to be approx 6 months from leaving the UK before we arrive in Vietnam) Do you have any websites/phone numbers that might be able to help? Anything would be appreciated, cheers

Visa (philliphine nationality but already PR malaysian)

My passanger is philliphine nationality but already get PR at Malaysia.Do I need visa for travel to Vietnam?

visa for Vietnam via train from China

I am curious if I can apply for my visa online and get it stamped when I enter Vietnam via train from China. I will be travelling from Pianxiang, China to Dong Dang and then on to Hanoi via train. I know you can get stamped at airports, but as this is not an airport I am unsure if they will be able to stamp here too or not. Thank you for your help. ~Michelle