Canadian visiting other countries prior to Vietnam

Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen. I'm planning to tour Asia this December and my destinations include Hong Kong, Beijing and Vietnam. I will be flying to these other destinations before arriving in Vietnam. (example: Canada to Hong Kong for 1 week, then Hong Kong to Vietnam for another week, with the remaining week flying from Vietnam to Beijing. Are the visa's to Vietnam based on the location I arrived from? or is it based solely on my country of citizenship? Is the visa all I need to access Vietnam? or would I need to fill out other forms because i will be arriving from a different location (other than directly from Canada) Thanks, Kevin.

return ticket?

I tried finding out on my own, is it possible to go to vietnam with only a one-way ticket, I am planning on leaving the county via the vietnam/cambodia border? I have read that it is impossible to enter vietnam with only a 1way ticket? Thank you in advance Charles

when do need to aplly for visa

how long before you travel do you need to get your visa? many thanks Sue

Visa Code

Hello there, Quick question, I have applied to Visa Code online and I have received my Code. I was wondering how long it will take to get my visa Stamped? Thank you so much for your time, S

Visa - UK passport holder

Hi, Kindly advise if UK passport holder need visa to Vietnam ( visit less than 30 days) ? Cheers, Cris

arriving by ship not airport

You tourist visa on line says to get it stamped at the airport but what do you do when you are arriving by cruise ship? My daughter needs her passport daily to cross the Canadian US border can she apply for a VISA ahead of time without having to hand her passport to be kept until she would be approved for a \VISA? She lives in Ontario Canada

Getting a Visa fron Cambodia

Can we purshase a Visa for our trip to Vietnam from the vietnamese embassy in Phnom Penh?

what requirements?

hello im darin mae huntrakul,my father lives in thailand,just want to ask what papers do i have to complete,for staying there,i have a birth certificate,he signed in and has his nationality as thai. im 24 yrs old now,lived in Olongapo City.zambales. thank you,hope it hearing my answer from you soon.... darin

How long can I stay

Dear Sir, I want to visit HoChiMinh City in November 2009, and want to stay for 6 weeks, Can you please tell me if I can do this. Many Thanks Mr Gibbs.

VISA Fee from the UK

Hi, Please could you tell me how much a 30 day tourist Visa to Vietnam is, from the UK. I cannot find this information on the Vietnamese Embassy website.