Expiry date of passport

I hope to visit Vietnam in December for two weeks (I am a UK citizen) but my passport expiry date is January 2010. Will I have to renew my passport before travelling even though it is still valid when I leave Vietnam?

Types of Visa to Vietnam & Application in HK

To whom it may concern, I would like to enquire about the different types of visas to Vietnam. The travel agency suggested that I need to get Type C visa, to eliminate the minimum USD that I need to bring to Vietnam. If I do not apply Visa through travel agency, do I still get exemption on the amount of money I bring with me? Also, I would like to know if this "Apply Online" feature can be used among citizens of Hong Kong, or do I need to apply Vietnam visa through their Embassy in Hong Kong? Looking forward to your soonest respond, as I will need to apply within the next 2 days. Very much appreciated for your help. Thanks & regards, Ellen

Lost Passport

Our foreigner worker lost their passport. What document suppose i need to prepare to apply new passport? Do you have any checklist? Please email to me.

branch ?

Do you have a branch in HCMC ? which address ? Thanks.

Russian visa question

Hi, my situation is I am Vietnamese. I got a Chinese student visa and i want to come to Russia for visiting my parents. Could I just make an arrival visa to Russian in China or Do i need to go back to Vietnam to make it? Thanks a lot!

Do I need to extend my singapore passport

I understand that Singaporean enter into Vietnam need a valid date of minimum 6 months. I will lead a groups of 23 students to Vietnam, Ho Chi Ming City for a community project at a Primary school for 14 days. Two of my students have Singapore passport with expiry date till Mar 2010. We are leaving for Vietnam on 21 Sep so the validity is slightly less than 6 months. Can they enter vietnam without extend their passports ? Thanks and regards

Animals Traveling

I would like to bring 2 Husky puppy with me when I go to Viet Nam to visit my family. What is paper required for travel from Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh through Taipei ? Please respond as soon as possible cause we are leaving in 09/03/2009. Thanks so much for your time.


hey i would like to apply for two 1 month single trip entry visa , my question is after i sent in the application form, how long i have to wait before i proceed to confirmation and payment?and How long does take to get my approval letter?

forms are different for visa sites

looking at the forms on both the consulate and the embassy websites, the forms are different which site/form is correct.

Re obtaining visa through your Canberra Embassy

As my husband Graham and I will be travelling by ship, which is the Diamond Princess, and will be arriving at Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My) on 25th November 2009 and arrive at 7 a.m. and depart at 5.30pm on the same day, we would like to obtain a visa for us to do so as soon as possible. What do we need to do to obtain same? Do we need to send a photo plus our passport plus the visa fee expense to your Embassy. Could you please advise us how we can obtain our visa for this visit. Many thanks, and much appreciated for your assistance. Audrey Pearson.