Group application and Multiple entry (air and cruise)

Dear sir/madam, I have two questions. Firstly , I have a party of three and want to visit Vietnam in late august/ early sep and we notice if we apply the visa together then the fees would be cheaper. However, we may not be arriving or leaving Vietnam at the same date and in this case is the group application still applicable or we need to apply separately? Secondly, we will be joining a cruise two months after our first visit and the ship will visit Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, so we would like to know if we apply for a 3 months multiple visa on arrival will it suit out needs? Thank you for your help.

Do my children require an visa to Hanoi?

My wife and I have an APEC business card holders and are approved to Vietnam visa exempted . We would like to carry my children (one age 11 and one age 15) together for my next trip. Do they require to apply for entry visa ? Please advise, thank you very much. Regards, Suen

can i get a visa (tourist) despite the fact that my passport is valid for only 4 months ?

Hi there! I am an Irish student travelling Asia for the Summer (12 weeks). When I left Ireland on the 30th of May my passport was valid for another 6 months, however now it only valid for 4. It expires on the 5th of December 2011. I am terrified this will create problems for me as I wish to move from Laos, where I currently am, to Vietnam. The transition will be made over land. I have spent the day looking up this on the internet and most places say that I will need 6 months validity beginning on my entry into Vietnam (WHICH I DO NOT HAVE). There is no point in me applying for a passport extension as it will take too long. I wish to spent a week in Vietnam and then fly from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok. A small number of internet sites didnt mention the 6 month validity issue but did instead say that a month passport validity upon leaving Vietnam is necessary. (this would not create any problems for me). Im not sure if this is exactly your field of expertise but I urgently need to know anything that could help me. Can you give me any insight as to this subject. I have tried contacting the embassy in Laos but it was too late and it will be closed at the weekend. I also tried to contact the Vietnamese embassy in London with no luck, unfortnately. I would really appreciate any help or advice you could give me, Thank you!

Transit Visa for South Korea

Hello, I have booked my trip to Vietnam for March 2012. The flight stops in South Korea for a 1.5 hours on the way to Vietnam and the return ticket will have an 8 hour stop. Do I need a visa for South Korea? I already got my approval letter and do you know if I can get a visa-on-arrival for Korea? I'm a US citizen by the way.

Get Vietnam Visa in Brisbane Australia

I am travelling to Vietnam and have a multiple entry Visa. My wife would like to come over as well as would like to get a Visa in her passport in Brisbane before she leaves. Is this possible?

Take photos at airport

Hi there, I am travelling to Vietnam now and I have all the relevant visas however I am struggling to get my required passport photos. Can I get these at Hanoi Airport? Thanks.

Vaccination Certificate

I want to apply for my visa for Vietnam. Do you have to prove that you have certain vaccinations to enter the country? I am Irish coming from New York

Required Documents

Good day, I have to travel to Vietnam at short notice. Only to observe work on a ship, not to work myself in Vietnam. How do I get a Visa on arrival and what papers or documents (other than my passport) do I need? I am a British citizen. Regards

Visa for Taiwanese

Hello, I am a Taiwanese in Singapore. If i need to go to vietnam on business trip, do I need to go to Vietnam Embassy and apply for visa? or Can I apply online?

Change from single to multiple entry

I put in my application for 3 single entry visa's last night, but my travel companion has come to me this morning asking if she might be able to change to a multiple entry. Is it too late to do this.