How to apply for a visa to Thailand

Thia is Besa Zoraqi and I'm an Albanian citizen. I would like to visit Thailand, Phuket in October 2009. Can you please help me how can I apply for a visa as far as there is no Royal Thai embassy in Tirana, Albania? Thank you in advance Besa Zoraqi Operation Data Coordinator Tirana International Airport Tirana, Albania

Visa not on aiport

I'm arriving to vietnam by land and not by air. How should I do my visa? On the website you refer to international airports, how about land borders? Thank you very much

multiple entry visa

i must visit hanoi twice, within a month, on connecting flights from laos to hongkong, staying overnight in each visit. will my online visa cater to that, or must i apply for multiple entry?

Visa via China

I intend to go to China first and then to Vietnam, but if I do the visa on arrival, the problem is that I won't arrive at an airport but at a train station. Can I apply and get a visa at the embassy in London before I go to China.

Visa Exemption for HKSAR

Dear sirs, My question is : Does HKSAR passport holder need to apply VISA ? Thank you very much.

getting marry in vietnam

My name is Carlos Delgado. I want to ask you about the papers or documents i will need to get marry in Vietnam. Also if you guys can make the translation of my documents from English to Vietnamese. I live in El Paso, Texas and we don't have too many places where to get translation of documents to Vietnamese. Thank you very much.

Invitation Letter

I am inviting my daughters boyfriend to come to Canada for a visit for one month. in the middle of August 2009/ I would like to write an invitation letter that is required. Please advise

Visa for my relative in Phillipines

i'm fililipino nationality currently working in Kuwait for 20 Project Manager.I'm planning to visit your beautiful country sometimes next with my relatives who's living in philippines.Can i apply her visa by myself online. Her personal information are all with me. Can i apply both visa for me and for her online?. Thanks you and best regards....

Overstay visa

I had a visa and my visa expires in a few days, may you advise what i should do? should i extend the visa or pay for overstay charge. Thank you.

change of dates

To whom it may concern

My name is Edgar Schaller and i got a visa for Vietnam. However, the company in Vietnam postponed the project back for one month. Is this still okay with the visa, even so I had to state my time frame of visiting?

For your time and efforts I thank in advance.

Best regards,