Hello, I am a Chinese citizen and Canadian resident living in Canada. I plan to visit Vietnam for holiday and will fly to Hanoi from Singapore. I heard that Chinese passport holders are NOT eligible to apply for visa on arrival, which means that I need to get the regular visa from the Vietnamese Embassy before I travel. Can you confirm if it's true? Many thanks. Grace

visa on arrival from Thailand

I'm a British citizen hoping to visit Vietnam but would be entering form Thailand (Bangkok). If I apply for visa on arrival while in UK will this be valid when entering form Thailand?

Can I apply for VOA if travellling from Cambodia by bus?

Dear Madam/Sir I am currently in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and I would like to apply for a VOA to be stamped on the Cambodian/Vietnamese border. I have read that the VOA can be stamped at airports, but can I also apply for it if travellling by land? Thanks for your answer Tomas Clemente

Visa in the UK prior to travel

My Fiance and I are going on holiday to vietnam for 12 days and would like to get our visas in the UK prior to when we travel , we fly from the UK on the 13.02.2010 - is this possible without having to visit the embassy in person? please can you provide exact details on how we do this? Thank you

Overland Visa

I want to travel from Guandong Proving through Nanning in Guang Xi by bus, is it possible to get an overland visa on arrival and what are the steps I need to take? Thanks Jerry

Cambodia visa

I will be travelling to Vietnam in July and while there will be visiting Cambodia,will I need a multiple entry visa or can I get a visa for Cambodia while in Vietnam? Thanks Tina

Do we have to purchase an onward flight out of Vietnam before we enter?

Hello, My husband and I are visiting Vietnam in March 2010 we are going to book a 3 month visitors We have booked and paid for a one way flight into Hanoi, Vietnam but have not purchased an onward flight out of Vietnam as we do not know where we are going after Vietnam, it may be China or Thailand. Do we have to purchase an onward flight or can we enter Vietnam without one and before our visa expires can we book a flight?? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank-you Kind regards Leah Brown

Tourist Visa for Vietnam

I am thinking of going to Vietnam for the Chinese New Year holiday. I live in Suzhou, China. Could you tell me the easiest and most convenient way to get this visa? Should I go to the consular section in Shanghai? When is this place open and what is the telephone number? Thank you for your assistance.

Application for Entry and Exit Visa

Hi! On the form to be filled in when you arrive it says at the bottom: Please, fill in two forms (attaching two latest photos, in 4 x 6 cm size, with a face straight forward) submit one form to the Vietnam visa issuing office, or consulate, and the other to frontier, police post upon your arrival. Can you clarify where these forms are meant to be submited to? Many thanks

Austrian in Philippines

Hi! I am an Austrian residing in the Philippines for a period of time. I want to know whether flying from Philipines to HCMC I would be allowed to apply for visa on arrival. If I do apply for visa on arrival will it be available before the first week of February this year?